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What did we do?

What do they say about us?

Inji Samir

It was an absolute pleasure working with Divine Touch. They took our brief and turned it into a series of exceptionally creative videos which helped us run a successful internal campaign. Their professionalism and understanding of the needs of the business have helped us reach the desired objectives. 

Head of communications
Lafarge cement Egypt

Yasmin Samy

I would like to thank Divine Touch for their great efforts in conducting a H&S  awareness series to enhance the  performance in our business operations.  Divine Touch team was very agile and dedicated to providing this masterpiece of videos and collaboratively developing a storyboard that met our objectives to ensure a positive impact of Lafarge  Egypt community. Divine Touch managed to accomplish the project with high quality through their commitment, vast expertise, and efficient project management.

Sustainable Development/Health & Safety Communications Section Head
Lafarge Cement Egypt

Eman Youssef

It was a great experience. Division Tech went through great challenges while creating #STRATA website. Salute to Division Tech and many thanks from STRATA team. We wish you more success and hope for future business cooperation.

Business Development Specialist

Mohamed Hany

We came to know Divine Touch since 2017 for our company’s post-production services. We had a real business partner, where we can not imagine reaching our today’s success without their support. What we got was much more than a professional service provider. They backed us with a post production capacity of getting 2500+ content pieces with different formats done with a smooth workflow. With Divine Touch we went through a lot of ups and downs that could have been fatal to our business but because we had them to our side, we were able to make it through, and this is the best thing that could happen for a business, having the right partner which Divine Touch definitely is.

Founder & CEO

Amr Saleh

Divine Touch is a great partner. Upon starting, they planned and executed a marketing campaign in only one week. The result was a 30% increase in our monthly sales, while decreasing our CAC by 70%.

They helped us with our marketing strategy, executed photo sessions and video shoots, and delivered high quality output that fit our branding.

Founder & CEO

هاني أبو سمك  

ديفاين تاتش شركة مليئة بالطاقة والحيوية والأفكار الجديدة…تعاملنا معا في أعمال مختلفة ودائما يبهرني ما يقدموه

أود أن أعرب عن تقديري واحترامي الكبير لشركة ديفاين تاتش على التزامهم العالي. لقد كانت تجربة عملي معهم ممتعة ومثمرة بشكل لا يصدق، حيث قدموا دعمًا كبيرًا ومساعدة مستمرة في جميع المراحل من الإنتاج.

لقد أظهروا مهارات عالية في التخطيط والتنظيم والإدارة، وكانوا دائمًا متاحين للإجابة على أي أسئلة أو استفسارات. كما أنهم يتمتعون بمستوى عالٍ من الاحترافية والتفاني في عملهم، مما يجعلهم شركاء مثاليين لأي مشروع.

أتطلع إلى المزيد من الفرص للتعاون معهم في المستقبل

سينيور بروديوسر – قناة الغد
قناة الغد Alghad TV

Martha Sobhy

Hi, I just want to say that I find your service amazing, thanks so much for providing such great artistic touch. Keep it up

Raya Holding for Financial Investments

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We help content professionals deliver mass content with consistent quality and on-time delivery with no pressure. Because people are fulfilled when they inspire their audience while remaining on top of their game.